Parents With PTSD and the Children We Don’t See

Like alcoholism, I think of PTSD as a family disease. Already, I’ve seen it take root in my young family as PTSD continues to haunt my veteran husband. Unfortunately, though, few studies have focused on veterans’ spouses, and even fewer have explored the ways parents’ PTSD affects their children. This is an issue that needsContinue reading “Parents With PTSD and the Children We Don’t See”

18 Reasons I Love Being a Veteran’s Spouse

Being married to a veteran with PTSD isn’t always a smooth ride. My own marriage has been scarred by depression, secondary trauma, and alcoholism, but I’ll be honest with you: these problems weren’t always my husband’s fault. I dragged plenty of my own humanness into this relationship. That being said, I love being a veteran’sContinue reading “18 Reasons I Love Being a Veteran’s Spouse”

How Someone Else’s PTSD Can Change Us

Many people don’t understand the impact of PTSD on the spouse. even though it can be devastating. In fact, veterans‘ spouses can develop symptoms of PTSD, and don’t always know where to turn. They suffer in silence while dressing someone else’s wounds. But how exactly can someone else’s PTSD change a person?